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About Eva Gordon

Eva Gordon is a practicing architect and a passionate artist. The vibrancy and ebullience so evident in Eva’s art are a reflection of her creative abilities and her love of life. Her inherent passion for sculpting and painting were inspired by her exposure to European ceramic and pottery techniques.

European born, Eva now lives in Toronto, Canada, where she received a University education, and has happily raised a family.
Her professional work as an architect has provided her with a sense of practicality, which has led her to develop a line reflective of everyday living, and makes it suitable for the home. Eva’s pieces are hand painted and hand sculpted, and she uses only lead-free materials, ensuring they are safe for both cooking and eating.
Eva maintains an active life with her art and architecture and has been asked to lecture on both topics at Universities across Canada.

Her clientele is international. Her artwork can be found in Art Galleries, Museums, exclusive gift shops and in private collections across Canada, United States, Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

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